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Rising number of immigrant workers to Malaysia is becoming one of new issues in Malaysia recently. Where immigrants in Malaysia can be divided into two which is legal immigrant and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are those who enter the country legally and those who are entering the country without proper procedure considered as an illegal immigrant. Illegal migrant workers living and working outside other country of origin are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses. Migrant workers in factories and on farms can endure terrible working conditions.

Implementation of the Immigration Security Clearance (ISC) System started to all foreign workers including Myanmar workers to work in Malaysia commencing from 15 May 2017.lmmigration security Clearance (ISC) is a biometric data collection system which will collect data on behalf of the Immigration Department of Malaysia and will upload the data to the Department's central database.

In this regard, Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia has appointed a Malaysia private company as a system provider on behalf of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Omnitech Company Limited undertaking ISC system at the the One-Stop-Centre (OSC) in Yangon from 1 June 2017 as a local partner.

All worker candidate from Myanmar to work in Malaysia are required to go through ISC system before the calling visa can be issued. Under this programme, Myanmar workers are eligible to fully enjoy labour rights in order to Malaysia Labour and Immigration law. So that Myanmar workers will be under the protections of legal migrant worker status. Ultimately, all migrants workers will be treated with dignity.