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Omnitech Company Limited was incorporated on 10th September, 2015, Omnitech Company Limited serves as a solution provider for Biometrics Technology on the application of identification of people that uses body characteristics or behavioral traits. This technology is increasingly being used in conjunction with other forms of identification based on something you have (e.g. ID card) or something you know (e.g. password). Omnitech Company Limited emphasizes on Biometric System Solution and Payment Gateway System.

Outcome form persistent effort In 2017, Omnitech Company Limited was awarded to provide Seafarers Identity Document Issuance System to Department of Marine Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communication.

That is the pioneer project for Myanmar to issue internationally recognized Identity Card. The card is an ICAO compliant Electronic Seafarer ID solution composed of a printed security plastic card, a chip and a chip operating system (compatible with the personalization system). Also, the card is compliant to ISO standards and delivered with security features.