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Omnitech Company Limited undertaking for careful planning and preparation in considering worker wellbeing’s, health, personal safety and securities issues. Many employment Agencies send people to work abroad, either on short term visits or on large-term assignments. The duty of care they should own to their workers continues to exist when they are working abroad, whatever the reasons for their travel and deployment.

The number of people travelling for work whether domestically or internationally is ever increasing and there are significant risks that they can face. It will be presented to migrant works in detail during the training course at the training centers of the labour ministry, Yangon, Myanmar. Omnitech Company Limited will establish vocational institutes in Yangon to issue skills certificates to labourers in soon.

This course is aimed at those who awareness of health, security, work-safety, social and culture of host country. The content will prove invaluable for managers, supervisors, team leaders, workers or anyone who need to choose the right knowledge and implement an effective ways.

What's included?
• Whataretheriskstoyouremoteandisolatedstaff?

  • Understandingthelimitationsandadvantagesoftechnology.

  • Howtousemodernequipmentandtoolsatworksites.

  • Establishingclear,workableescalationinstitutionsandmonitoring.

  • Orientationforculturalandsocial.

  • Thetrainingseekstoreduceworkplaceinjuries,fatalities,andoccupational

    diseases through increased preventative safety actions by young workers and young employers.