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Myanmar and Thai Labor Ministers reached an agreement in July 2017to issue official documents to Myanmar workers allowing them to work legally in Thailand. According to enacted new Thailand labour regulations, impose heavy fines on both Thai employers and foreign workers who lack work permits.

Omnitech Company Limited have send about 100 people per week to go from the border crossing the town of Myawaddy, Karen State in order to memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two countries. Estimated 5 millions Myanmar citizens working in Thailand about 2.2 million have proper documents.

Omnitech Company Limited's Chairman and party taking photo after a successful discussion with high level officials from Thai Labour ministry, Bangkok regarding to assign at various kinds of food industries plants, Thailand. At the end of the discussion, both parties agreed on some issues - legalise workers, resolve disagreements between employers and workers, continue issuing demand letters and issues of work permits and visas for migrant workers. In regards to sending more workers, the Thai ministry has agreed in principle to signing up Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) between concerns ministry and Omnitech Company Limited.

Citing U Htay Myint, Director from Omnitech Company Limited " If we send Myanmar workers to foreign countries, we will send them under the MOU, Myanmar will work on decreasing human trafficking, and Thailand has to work on having good and real business owners " he said. U Htay Myint also said " Omnitech Company Limited have sent workers to Republic of Korea, Singapore and is still in discussions with the Japanese authorities about sending workers to Japan.