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Our trade division has been operating for many years as Importers and Exporters and also acts as a local representative / authorized agent for many overseas companies and suppliers. We have been well established in providing defense solutions, importing and exporting essential items for many years.

With the passage of time, many developing countries feel the need for better and/or better products. Although products are produced locally, the availability of high-quality foreign brands will encourage local manufacturers to produce products of competitive quality through a healthy competitive market. The people of Myanmar, as the population of a fast-growing country, are always demanding better and newer products, and there is scope and demand for many branded goods that provide satisfaction and prestige to consumers/consumers. As a result, the company has been importing high- quality goods for many years.

We are a fast-growing business, and as a link in this chain, the company is now looking for cooperation with well-known overseas companies and traders to meet Myanmar's fast-growing market. We need resources covering the best dealer network, distribution channels across the island, field warehouse facility sales staff, offices, transportation solutions, and strong financial support from parent companies to launch and make new products in the Myanmar market.